Steer your fleet in the right direction with the IRVING 24 Card

Coast-to-coast coverage

Wherever the road takes you, we have you covered with thousands of quality fueling locations throughout North America.

Competitive pricing

Take advantage of exclusive pricing within the IRVING 24 network.

Purchasing controls and reliable security

Feel secure with driver ID prompts on all transactions and customized purchase restrictions set by site, dollars or volume.

Online fuel management

Fuel Genius Stay connected with 24/7 access to this online management tool that allows you to:

  • Review card transactions for a driver, date or location
  • Access online statements
  • Manage cards
  • Monitor available credit
  • Review pricing
  • Issue money codes and cash advances

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Invoicing and payment

Weekly invoices have a 7-day payment term and can be faxed, emailed or accessed online.

IRVING 24 Card

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Online Fuel Prices

We update the current fuel prices at our IRVING 24 locations across the network every day to help you plan your stops.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: Will I be charged transaction fees?
A: Purchases made at IRVING 24 locations will not be charged a transaction fee. Only purchases made at a third-party site will be charged a fee.
Q: When will I receive my account invoice?
A: IRVING 24 invoices are billed weekly.
Q: How do I pay my invoice?
A: Payments are automatically withdrawn from your account on a weekly basis. The withdrawal date is stated on your weekly invoice.
Q: What is the IRVING 24 Card’s interest rate?
A: An interest rate of 24% per year will be charged on all overdue amounts. Also any returned or NSF payment will be charged a fee of $25.
Q: How can I find out my fuel price?
A: Your price can be found on your CPNR (Current Pricing Network Report) on Fuel Genius.
Q: How is my fuel rate calculated?
A: IRVING 24 pricing is based on a fluctuating base cost in conjunction with your annual volume.
Q: Where can I use my IRVING 24 Card?
A: The IRVING 24 Card can be used at all IRVING 24 locations and affiliated locations.