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On the road? We update the current fuel prices at our IRVING 24 locations across the network every day to help you plan your stops.

Prov. Name Cash Price ULSD* Date Updated
ON IRVING 24 CORNWALL 1.249/L 04 Jun 2019
QC IRVING 24 MONTREAL 1.279/L 04 Jun 2019

*Cash price is a 2-cent-per-litre discount from credit card/regular price. Cash price applies when paying for diesel fuel with cash or cash equivalent.

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IRVING 24 diesel pricing information for all remaining cardlock sites are currently supplied to customers via our Customer Price Network Report (CPNR).

Please contact our Customer Service team with any questions about your IRVING 24 Card account at 1.800.561.2447. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available 24 hours a day.

DISCLAIMER: Fuel prices on our website are provided as a benefit to our customers. Every effort is made to ensure consistency between the prices listed on our website and the prices at the pump. If there is ever a discrepancy, the price at the pump always prevails. The actual price at the pump is subject to immediate change without being contemporaneously reflected on this website, and there will be a delay before the website can be updated. Due to the volatility of the market for petroleum products, such change may be significant and frequent. For these foregoing reasons, Irving Oil makes no representations, conditions or warranties that the price shown on our website will be the price at which you will be able to purchase fuel if you visit one of the locations listed.